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Voice Dialing

Making calls is now easier. Simply say the name of the person you want to call, without having to dial their number.

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Call Display

See the caller's name or phone number before you answer. Included in most rate plans. If you wish to subscribe, you can log in to MyBell and add the feature.

Last Call Return/Busy Call Return

Hear the last number to call your home and have the option to call it. Also, you can be notified when a busy line you’re calling becomes free.

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Call Screen

Enjoy freedom from unwanted calls. Call Screen lets you redirect calls from up to 12 phone numbers to a Bell recording that tells callers you’re not taking calls at the time.

Call Waiting

Don’t miss an important call because you’re on the phone. With Call Waiting, special beeps indicate that you have an incoming call. Distinctive tones also let you know whether the call is local or long distance.

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Call Forwarding

Send your calls to any number you choose when you can't answer the phone. Automatically forward your incoming calls to any number, including mobile or pager numbers.

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Three Way Calling

Talk with two people in different places at the same time, or put one call on hold and go back to it after making a second call.

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Add up to two additional phone numbers for your existing phone line, each with its own distinctive ring. You'll know by the sound if the call is for you, so you won't need to get to the phone for every incoming call.

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Next Day/Same Day Repair

Get fast repair on Bell Home phone, Bell Internet and Bell Satellite TV services. If we can’t fix your service issue from our offices, we’ll send a technician to your home within one day of being contacted.

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