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Bell Tech Expert - Live tech support, online service and coaching


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Subscribe to premium, live and unlimited support for your technology:

  • Chat with technical experts about all of your computer challenges.
  • Get support for PCs, Macs Trademark, tablets, printers, applications and much more.
  • Available 24/7

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Why choose Tech Expert

Support and optimization

Tech Expert service offers support and optimization for your devices and programs that include training, set-up of your devices, and troubleshooting, available whenever you need.

Live local agents 24/7

Get experts to troubleshoot for you by connecting to your computer remotely.

Set-up and configuration

Get help to set up and configure your computer, home network and devices as well as profiles and privacy settings for Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.


An expert can teach you about:

  • Your computer or device's features
  • Internet safety and security
  • Social media basics
  • Moving pictures and videos from your camera to your computer