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Call Forwarding

Send your calls to any number you choose when you can't answer the phone. Automatically forward your incoming calls to any number, including mobile or pager numbers.

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Add up to two additional phone numbers for your existing phone line, each with its own distinctive ring. You'll know by the sound if the call is for you, so you won't need to get to the phone for every incoming call.

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Call Privacy

Gain more control over your privacy and time. Call Privacy reveals private and unknown numbers – callers must enter their phone number before the call goes through, so you won’t be bothered by unwanted calls.

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Call Screen

Enjoy freedom from unwanted calls. Call Screen lets you redirect calls from up to 12 phone numbers to a Bell recording that tells callers you’re not taking calls at the time.

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Three-Way Calling

Talk with two people in different places at the same time, or put one call on hold and go back to it after making a second call.

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