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Closed captioning

Read along with your favourite TV programs, movies and special events.

Closed captioning provides a visual text display of the audio portion of a program as it occurs, whereas subtitles are limited to only transcribing dialogue and some on-screen text.

Broadcasters provide closed captioning in almost all their programming, and the Fibe TV app shows 100% of the closed captions to you. Very few programs originating from Canadian broadcasters or specialty networks do not have closed captioning.

Closed captioning may be useful in various lifestyles and situations, including:

  • By persons who are deaf or hard of hearing to enjoy TV programming
  • As a tool for people learning English as a second language
  • In an environment where audio is difficult to hear or intentionally muted

How to turn on closed captioning on the Fibe TV app:

  1. While watching a program, touch the CC icon to enable closed captions. They will remain enabled for subsequent programs.
  2. Touch the same icon again to turn off closed captions.